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About The Amy Grant Media Gallery
About the Amy Grant Media Gallery

The purpose of this fan site is to gather a unique collection of
Amy Grant media accessible for free on the Internet while
promoting the work of singer/songwriter Amy Grant.

Because of copyright restrictions within the United States, most song
audio files on this site are limited to 30 second clips.  Other audio
files for promotional materials are offered here in their original
full-length format for continued promotion of the artist.

Questions, ideas, or comments about this site may be sent here:

If you would like to support this site please visit our store here:

Most audio files on this site require use of a Adobe Flash Player,
available for free by clicking on the image below:

Download Adobe Flash

If you would like to download the promotional audio and video files
on this site try using the RealPlayer download feature.  You can get
RealPlayer for free by clicking on the image below:

Download realPlayer

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