Catherine Peet

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Catherine Peet is an artist whose body of work features a collection of intriguing creative constructs.  She combines painting with assemblage to create imagery that incorporates ideas which she derives from mythology, nature, and spirituality. She blends the two techniques together to make political, religious, and pervasive cultural statements in her work.

Catherine Peet gathers discarded ephemera from everyday life and uses these found objects to present a fitting canvas for her subtle narratives.   Images of flora and fauna amidst recurring themes of destruction produce vivid imagery that is visually engaging and thought provoking.  Nuclear war heads, bombs, are neutralized as they appear innocuous in the beauty of billowing clouds, portraying seemingly whimsical themes.  Peet's juxtaposition of beauty and despair is also reflected by her tapestry of multiple components, creating a seamlessly integrated organic whole. In other pieces duality is expressed in the guise of shrines or altar pieces, reflective of  her fascination with spirituality and ritual, even though she rejects organized religion.

Catherine Peet graduated summa cum laude from Wayne State University in the School of Fine Arts in 1991. Since then she has had several solo exhibitions and won various awards, including the 2006 Greater Michigan Art Exhibition grand prize.  In 2007 Detroit Hour Magazine nominated her "One of the Best Artists to Collect" and she was featured in an exhibit showcasing 40 pieces of her artwork, at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art.

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